HWID: What is it?

HWID: What is it?

What is HWID?

It is a security measure imposed by Microsoft in the event of the Windows Operating System's activation. A unique HWID number will be produced in a hardware component as part of the Product Activation system during the operating system's first installation. The number generated is sent to Microsoft as this identifies the hardware components that the Windows system is using. An HWID number will be produced every 10 days during system reboot. The HWID number will be compared to the original as it is being evaluated to ensure that it is still running on the same device. When the two HWID number is significantly different from the other, the operating system will boot down until Microsoft enables the hardware product.

The purpose and theory behind the HWID are to confirm that the operating system is not installed on another device other than where it was first registered, purchased, and installed.

Complications may happen when you start upgrading or replacing components on your computer. These hardware components, such as the following:

  • Motherboards
  • Sound Cards
  • Disk Drives
  • Ethernet Adapters

When the HWID of the new components is compared to the original HWID with glaring differences, the operating system will shutdown. The operating system will think that it is installed a new device other than initially installed.

This can only be fixed by contacting Microsoft and offer an explanation of the difference.

What is the meaning of HWID Bans?

HWID bans are imposed by an anti-cheat system that involves your HWID number on your personal computer components. It is common in video games that are very strict with cheating.

Anti-cheats not only detects that a third party application is interfering with the video game, but it also detects the hardware used. This includes hardware components such as:

  • OS
  • Hard Drive Serial Number
  • GPU Details
  • IP Address
  • MAC Address

Once an anti-cheat finds you violated their fair play rules, the anti-cheat will blacklist the HWID you currently have. This means that you can no longer play the video game you got blacklisted with in the same computer anymore.

How do I bypass HWID Bans?

Video game anti-cheats are all made uniquely. There is no single HWID for your whole computer because it is made of different components. That is why it is difficult to say which HWID are being used by a game anti-cheat.

HWID bans can be bypassed by obtaining a new computer—replace hardware components as if you bought a new computer. Other private programmers sell HWID Spoofer that can fool anti-cheat by making it think that you have a new personal computer.

Although there are many who claimed that they have an actual HWID Spoofer, you must still be cautius when buying one. Anti-cheat providers may never reveal what data they are gathering unless stated in their data privacy agreement.

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