FACEIT: Strongest Anti-Cheat?

FACEIT: Strongest Anti-Cheat?

What is FACEIT all about?

With more than 9 million users and 13 million multiplayer gaming sessions each month, FACEIT leads to the competitive multiplayer gaming platform. FACEIT aims to improve the eSports industry by providing players the best position to compete without compromising fair play. Publishers and 3rd party organizers have used FACEIT to further enlarge the community.


FACEIT runs both a server-side and client-side anti-cheat to detect unfair advantage over players. Cheat signatures, hacks, and other third-party software are targeted to reduce cheaters' unfair advantage. It also collects human behavior patterns to create a cheater profile.


With FACEIT's robust and reliable anti-cheat, it aims to build a remarkable ecosystem that players want to enjoy. Organizers are given the tools and technology to easily do two things at once--catch cheaters and user-friendly interface.

Some famous tournaments like the following have used FACEIT anti-cheat:

  • FACEIT Pro League Challenger
  • FACEIT Pro League
  • CS:GO Major London - FACEIT
  • Other tournaments by FACEIT
  • Small third-party tournaments that entrusted FACEIT

How does FACEIT do its work?

As long as it is running, the FACEIT client cannot be stopped during a multiplayer game. When stopped, you will also get kicked out of the server you are playing. You cannot again start a multiplayer game when you are forced to use the anti-cheat client. There are two types of FACEIT anti-cheat:

  • Server-side anti-cheat
  • Client-side anti-cheat


The server-side anti-cheat (web-based) is for those who are looking to try the FACEIT experience. This anti-cheat can be easily bypassed as it only focuses on player tendencies and statistics. When a player is found to be suspicious, that player will be flagged. He/she will then be forced to use the client-side anti-cheat.


This is the strongest of the two anti-cheat programs that FACEIT offers. Many who tried bypassing this anti-cheat fail to achieve their goal significantly. Over the years, FACEIT partnered with several companies such as Microsoft to further improve the anti-cheat's security level.

How do other bypass FACEIT?

FACEIT can be bypassed by using Windows drivers. When a driver is used, it can do everything you wish it to do. There is only one problem with this--Windows OS does not let unsigned drivers operate. It does not come free, as well. One error you make with a driver can cause the whole Windows operating system to crash and get a blue screen of death. Although many cheat developers get creative with ways on how to achieve this.

There are also ways like using the lsass.exe method. This program has all operating systems handle. When this app gets terminated, the whole system will crash too. However, things get complicated when anti-cheat developers acknowledge these loopholes in the system.

Most of the anti-cheats are defeated by being creative in bypassing. The only reason that makes FACEIT almost impossible to bypass is that it partnered with Microsoft's operating system makers itself. The developers were given real time access to improve the anti-cheats system. To date, along with anti-cheats like EAC and Battle-Eye, it ranks as one of the best anti-cheat ever made.

Which games use FACEIT?

  • CS:GO
  • Counter-Strike Classic
  • World of Tanks
  • DOTA 2
  • Team Fortress 2
  • Smite
  • League of Legends
  • Rocket League
  • Overwatch

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